Protect your business from outside threats with security awareness training and Dark Web monitoring.

Security Awareness Training

Data loss, whether it’s the result of an outside attack or an employee error, can be devastating to your organization, yet many Oklahoma business owners don’t include security awareness training into their overall cybersecurity strategy. Failure to provide your employees with the skills they need to avoid becoming a victim could leave an open door to your network and put your business at risk. Implement a routine training schedule today and stay ahead of emerging cyberthreats.

Engaging Training

Arm your employees with the knowledge they need to spot and avoid phishing scams with short, effective video lessons and online quizzes to test for retention – all through a convenient, personalized, and user-friendly portal.

Simulated Phishing Campaigns

Get automated plug-and-play campaigns updated monthly to reflect the latest cyberthreats or build your own campaign with customizable content, including emails, URL’s, landing pages, and attachments to mimic industry-specific threats.

Dark Web Monitoring

24/7 monitoring to help identify, analyze, and proactively search for your business’ compromised or stolen employee and customer data on areas of the Dark Web like unindexed sites, P2P networks, forums, and chat rooms.

Validated Data

Human and machine monitoring and analysis of compromised data from multiple sources, like Dark Web markets, data dumps and forums, to finds exposed credentials before a major data breach occurs.

Instant Notifications

Real-time notifications to alert you when your employees’ credentials have been published to illicit websites on the Dark Web so you can take immediate action to protect your business.

Insightful Reporting

Understand the cybersecurity posture of your business with the Security Threat Report that includes a list of employees’ credentials found on the Dark Web and results from phishing and training campaigns.

Reduce your chances of becoming the victim of a cyberattack by up to 70% with employee security awareness training.

Benefits of Outsourcing Security Awareness Training

While having the right technology and processes in place is critical to protect from cyberattacks, the reality is that most data losses are caused by employees. Whether accidental or on-purpose, don’t underestimate the effect that human error, weak passwords, improper data storage, and sharing devices can have on your business. Ongoing training can help prevent security breaches.

Are you confident your business secure? Call us today for a free evaluation of your cybersecurity plan. We’ll conduct a brief onsite consultation, run a penetration test to identify security holes, and offer real-world solutions on how to address vulnerabilities and strengthen your business’ security posture. Contact us today at 405-748-4222.