Leverage your copiers and printers to better deliver value to your customers.

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In today’s competitive market, we understand you must do it better, faster, and for less money than the other guys if you want to stay ahead. The idea of integrating technology into all areas of your business to enhance the customer experience is known as digital transformation, and you must be willing to evolve to remain relevant. Let us show you how to use your copiers and printers to overcome challenges, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

You have bigger problems than putting ink on paper.

Are your print costs out of control?

  • We make recommendations on how to optimize your fleet of copiers and printers, including when to move, discard, or replace under/over-used, outdated, and inefficient devices.
  • We show you how to leverage device features to reduce wasteful or unnecessary printing such as defaulting print/copy jobs to black and white and creating user permissions to restrict who prints what.
  • We help you identify routine document-driven processes that could be done digitally like converting paper invoices to electronic files and emailing them instead of printing them.

Is managing service and supplies for your copiers & printers difficult?

  • We provide a convenient dashboard so you can check the equipment status and supply levels of your entire print fleet from a central location.
  • We offer automated collection of meter reads, automatic supply shipments, and one invoice for service and supplies for a simplified, yet comprehensive, management solution.
  • We monitor your copiers and printers 24/7 and provide fast, dependable onsite service so your IT personnel can focus on more important projects.

Are your everyday document-driven processes complex and time-consuming?

  • We simplify your most common scanning processes by creating one-touch custom workflows so you can accomplish the same tasks in less time.
  • We help you personalize your copiers and printers with downloadable apps designed to increase productivity including Print/Scan From/To Drobox™, Microsoft 365™, and Google Drive™.
  • We provide document management software to allow you to convert your paper documents into electronic files, index them, and store them securely for easy retrieval.

Do you have a remote print solution for your remote workers?

  • We offer copiers and printers to support your employees who work from home, so they can print, copy, scan, and fax just like they were in the office.
  • We build custom Work from Home packages to give your employees all the tools they need to stay productive, including PC’s, laptops, and phones.

Take your business to the next level with our copiers and printers.

Get Square 9 softworks at Xcel office in Oklahoma.

Increase business efficiency, profits and streamline workflows through digital transformation.

Automate processes and share intelligence across key business functions with Business Essentials digital transformation solution from Square 9 Softworks. Focusing on core business areas including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, Contract Management, and Tax Compliance, Business Essentials allows you to improve collaboration across departments and with remote workers, enhance security and compliance of business-critical documents, reduce paper and storage costs, and ensure business continuity. Learn how Square 9 Business Essentials can help you quickly transform your organization.

Save up to 30% a year with Managed Print Services.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a program designed help you manage your office copiers and printers more effectively.  It allows you to track and control print costs, maximize employee productivity, improve document security, and streamline the processes for maintenance and supplies for the fleet into a single, integrated solution.  Schedule a print assessment today to see how MPS can help you.

Print smarter and more securely with fleet management software.

Save money and print responsibly with Papercut MF®, a powerful, yet affordable fleet management software that allows you to track and manage your printers and copiers from a web-based dashboard.  Papercut MF includes tools for real-time monitoring, print policies, cost recovery, usage reports, secure printing, etc.  Schedule a demo today to learn how PaperCut MF can help you take control of your print environment.

Did you Know?

Businesses spend up to 3% of annual revenue on printing.

IT spends 15% of its time fixing printers.

Mismanaging files results in 21% of productivity loss.

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