How Can Xerox ConnectKey Make Your Business Run Better?

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Xerox connect key printing

Xerox has done it again!

Many business owners take advantage of advances in computer and Internet technology. Yet, they often overlook how their office printers impact their business. Xerox has made great strides in innovating the multifunction printer’s (MFP’s) capabilities. Xerox has revolutionized the industry with ConnectKey technology, a platform that provides a critical advantage to businesses of all sizes. ConnectKey’s features offer superior performance in regards to convenienceproductivitysecurity, and cost control.

Here are just a few ways Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFP’s outperform conventional MFP’s.




Cost Control


Customizable User Interface

Xerox multifunction printers built on ConnectKey technology feature a color touch-screen user interface. The interface uses large buttons and easy-to-navigate menus for easy usability. Users can also customize the user interface by pre-programming routine scanning workflows. This lets your employees make scanning a breeze.

Operate Your Printer from Anywhere

Xerox ConnectKey multifunction printers include a remote control panel that allows users to operate the printer from any office workstation as if they were standing right in front of it. With the remote panel you can print documents, adjust defaults and change security settings right from your desk.

Depending on your user permissions, you can even access the control panel from outside your office. Need to send some important documents to your team while you’re away? Just log in and print. Your team members can collect the documents off the printer back at the office.

Print from Mobile Devices

Many people rely on mobile devices to stay connected and to work from anywhere. Why shouldn’t they be able to print from anywhere too? With mobile printing options enabled by ConnectKey, your employees have the flexibility to print documents via mobile devices from anywhere, anytime.

Xerox ConnectKey MFPs enable connection to mobile devices through the following protocols:

  • Apple AirPrint technology for iPhones and iPads;
  • Xerox Mobile Print enables printing from any device through both cloud and server-side installations;
  • Mopria Certification allows printing from any Mopria-supported device.

Print from the Cloud

Many organizations use cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive for data storage. But accessing this data can sometimes be a challenge. ConnectKey makes the process easier by letting users print documents right from the cloud.  By freeing the cloud from your computer you reduce print time and make access easier.

With the ConnectKey control panel, users can access documents on many popular cloud platforms. They can also use their workstations to print with the Universal Control Panel. Along with cloud printing, ConnectKey enables direct printing from email servers. It can even print directly from a URL to get the latest version of a website available online.

Sophisticated Scanning

The modern office is flooded with paper documents. Invoices, delivery receipts, and memos circulate every day. Managing these documents can be cumbersome. Unless, of course, you use a ConnectKey-enabled MFP.

MFPs built on ConnectKey technology have advanced scanning capabilities to reduce your document fatigue. These features allow users to scan documents directly to workstations, shared folders, or applications. ConnectKey’s powerful tools reduce the number of steps needed to complete an action. In turn, this simplifies workflows and makes completing tasks faster.

ConnectKey supports a variety of scanning options, including:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which converts paper documents into text-searchable PDF’s;
  • Scanning to cloud-based repositories like DropBox or Google Drive;
  • Scanning to SharePoint and other Windows folders;
  • Scanning to DocuShare collections, shared network folders, email, and the cloud.

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Enhanced Address Book

A ConnectKey-enabled MFP has an enhanced address book so you can find contacts fast. Users can store a contact’s email, scan, and fax information in a single record. Users can also flag common destinations as “favorites.” This lets users simplify their workflows and increase productivity.

Support Users Remotely

With a ConnectKey MFP, employees can access Xerox Help videos right on the MFP’s control panel. Even better, service technicians can “remote in” to the device’s control panel to diagnose and fix technical issues. This remote access capability lets support technicians fix problems no matter where they are.

Remote access to the control panel also simplifies your company’s training procedures. With ConnectKey the trainer can operate the MFP from a workstation while end users follow along at the device itself.
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Stay Secure with Embedded Security Features

Safeguarding your sensitive data is a growing priority for every organization. Perhaps compliance issues are a concern. Maybe you just want to be diligent about protecting your environment. No matter the circumstances, Xerox ConnectKey-enabled MFPs have security options that reduce the risk of data loss.

McAfee Security

Every ConnectKey MFP includes embedded McAfee whitelisting technology. This system allows you to protect your MFP from unauthorized access and prevent tampering with software or settings. McAfee’s printer security system can:

  • Automatically send alerts when a user attempts to tamper with printer files or programs;
  • Lock configurations to prevent compliance issues and reduce the need for updates;
  • Interact with remote security tools including the Xerox Managed Print Services toolset.

Cisco Integration

Every ConnectKey MFP integrates Cisco’s TrustSec security protocol. TrustSec is a software-defined network segmentation tool for network devices. It allows administrators to define and enforce security procedures across the entire network. Procedures can include managing access, enforcing policies, and automating security. Integration between ConnectKey and TrustSec keeps your printer secure and allows for easier management.

Other Security Options

In addition to integrated security protocols, ConnectKey MFPs also include:

  • Automatic 256-bit encryption for top-notch data security;
  • Data overwriting for secure deletion;
  • Secure email server connectivity to ensure security across your whole environment.

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Control Costs

Application Defaults

ConnectKey MFPs let your business save money on toner and ink and reduce wasteful printing by simply adjusting your MFP’s default settings. You can easily set defaults to include printing in black and white, printing duplex, and eliminating the banner sheet. These changes are easy but effective ways to reduce the impact printing has on your bottom line.

User Permissions

ConnectKey MFP’s let you control how much your office prints. You can assign user permissions by employee, by department, by project, or even by time of day. These simple permission tools give you full control over your office’s printer use.

Accounting and Management Tools

Every Xerox ConnectKey MFP can give you detailed analytics and reports about your organization’s printing use. Built-in accounting tools let you see who uses your printer and how they use it. You can also easily tell how much printing costs your business. This data helps you develop smart print policies and control spending.


All ConnectKey multifunction printers are EnergyStar compliant. They use less energy and reduce your carbon footprint compared to traditional MFPs. They also use Cisco’s EnergyWise management solutions which give you detailed power use options. EnergyWise lets you monitor power consumption and set the printer to automatically enter sleep mode when idling.
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