Secure the safety of your Oklahoma business with a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

CyberLock Cybersecurity Service

Cyberattacks against Oklahoma businesses of all sizes are increasing at an alarming rate and convincing yourself ‘it won’t happen to me’ is a risky approach that could destroy everything you worked so hard to build. We built CyberLock as a cost-effective cybersecurity solution, powered by our full suite of security tools and services and managed by our team of IT professionals, to minimize your risk and give you peace of mind at a price you can afford.

Firewall Management

Configuration and management of your firewall to ensure your network is reliable and secure. Includes 24/7 remote monitoring and auditing, updating firewall policies as new threats are identified, troubleshooting performance issues, managing device upgrades, and administering security patches.

Endpoint Security

Advanced protection from today’s most sophisticated cyber threats with the prompt installation of critical software updates and security patches plus superior threat detection, investigation, and remediation to defend against malware like viruses, trojans, worms, and ransomware.

Multifactor Authentication

Enablement of a layered defense strategy that makes it harder for an imposter to access your sensitive information. MFA requires users to provide two or more different forms of evidence (password, PIN, smartcard, fingerprint, etc.) to confirm their identity before gaining access to your devices, applications, or data.

Application Whitelisting

Creation of zero-trust security controls to block malware from entering your business’ network. Whitelisting allows users to access a pre-approved set of applications, executables, and websites only while all other applications are blocked by default.

Employee Training

Routinely scheduled security awareness training so your employees can avoid becoming the victim of a cyberattack and stay abreast on best practices. Includes short, animated videos engage audience and online quizzes and simulated phishing campaigns to test for retention.

Dark Web Monitoring

Around-the-clock Dark Web monitoring and notifications to help identify, analyze, and proactively search for your business’ compromised or stolen employee and customer data on areas of the Dark Web like unindexed sites, P2P networks, forums, chat rooms, etc.

IT Policies & Procedures

Development and implementation of a cybersecurity approach that addresses prevention, detection, and response. Includes a review of current policies, ongoing vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, and the creation of IT policies outlining how employees should use systems, applications, and data.

Quarterly Security Reviews

Regular meetings with a dedicated, Oklahoma-based account manager to evaluate your overall security posture, including identifying security gaps and adjusting as new threats arise, and strategic planning for the future through smart budgeting and procurement.

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Benefits of Outsourcing your Network Security

Cyberthreats are a real and growing concern for Oklahoma businesses, and new threats are identified every day. If you haven’t reviewed your cybersecurity plan in the last twelve months, your business is vulnerable. Don’t wait another day to start protecting your data. Contact Xcel Office Solutions today for a free cybersecurity assessment to determine how we can help secure the safety of your company’s future.

At Xcel Office Solutions, we help you solve real-world problems with scalable technology solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. We take the responsibility of protecting your data very seriously and are committed to adhering to the industry’s best cybersecurity practices with honesty, transparency, and determination. Contact us today at 405-748-4222 for a free, confidential cybersecurity assessment.