Denise Reeves, Administrative Assistant

– "Always do more than is required of you." – George Patton

My Skills

Customer Relations
Resource Management
Detail Management

About Me

Meet Denise, the voice of Xcel. Denise's "official" role is somewhere between a receptionist and an administrative assistant, but in reality, she does so much more! Denise serves on the front lines, answering in-bound customer calls with efficiency and accuracy. She also works closely with the Service and Accounting departments to place supply orders, to dispatch service calls, and to process billing. Denise is a master multitasker, and we can't quite figure out how she stays so organized…but perhaps it has something to do with the bazillion sticky notes plastered on her desk. At any rate, we're grateful she's here to keep us on track.


  • Associates Degree, Central State University

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