Cloud Services

Storing data "in the cloud" allows businesses to take advantage of the most innovative technology solutions without the costly expense of adding infrastructure and gives employees the flexibility to work anywhere anytime.

Cloud Services

Online data storage is a cost-effective alternative to traditional, on-site storage. It allows businesses to leverage the power of the Internet to reduce costs, streamline processes, enhance security, and increase employee productivity.

Accessibility Anywhere

As the mobile workforce grows, the ability to access data from devices such as PC's, smart phones, and tablets has become more critical to get work done. Now your employees can work anywhere, anytime – as long as there's an Internet connection.

Reduced Costs

Let us host and maintain your business data and applications for you and eliminate the costly fees associated with new hardware, software upgrades, and preventative maintenance.

Enhanced Data Protection

Protect your critical data with regularly scheduled backups. Not only do we back up your data locally to a redundant NAS, we back it up to an off-site location for an added layer of protection.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Eliminate the headaches associated with managing your infrastructure. We'll maintain your hardware and software, keeping it up-to-date and running efficiently so you can focus on what really matters – your business.

Xcel offers hybrid, private, and public cloud solutions. Configurations range from on-premises, managed cloud to off-premises public cloud solutions.

In a public cloud, the services and infrastructure are owned and operated by a third-party and provided to customers via the Internet. This solution is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses and organizations with changing needs because there are no hardware or maintenance costs and scalability is efficient and on-demand.
A private cloud is built for an individual business, and the services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network either on-site or at a service provider's data center. Private clouds allow businesses to host applications in the cloud while providing enhanced security and control, making them ideal for larger businesses or those that must comply with strict security regulations.
Build a custom a solution that lets you combine the best features of both public and private clouds. Hybrid cloud solutions are great for transitioning to the cloud. If you are hesitent on moving to the cloud a hybrid solution can help you ease into it.

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